Our alliance with Capital Cities Investments for securities research & portfolio design gives us access to independent dedicated investment intelligence, allowing us to focus on providing our clients with the highest levels of service.

Stuart Stevens

Associate, Financial Advisor
Mr. Steven's resume

Stuart D. Stevens has worked in several different businesses from software development to customer service. His 30 years of work experience has given him the knowledge and ability to interact with a wide range of people. Stuart's personal values and deep New England roots fit well with CIC and our mission to do the right thing for our clients. Stuart lives in South Burlington, Vermont with his wife Susan of 27 years. They have two sons, Taylor and Greg.

Alan Covey

Co-owner, Financial Advisor
Mr. Covey's resume

Alan D. Covey grew up in Vermont and has always considered it his home. He left for college in 1964, but returned for Medical School in 1968. He has a longstanding family connection with Middlebury, returning to establish a practice in primary care internal medicine here in 1993. Al has had a lifelong interest in math and also in counseling and, having gotten to know Rollie and strongly agreeing with CIC’s philosophy, he was delighted to have the chance to join CIC upon leaving his medical practice in 2010. He lives in Middlebury with his wife, Wendy, and family.

Holly Fulton

Co-owner, Financial Advisor
Ms. Fulton's resume

Holly P. D. Fulton grew up in Vermont, including playing high school basketball for Rollie. After 20 years out of state and a career in Chemical Engineering, she returned to her beloved Green Mountains to raise her children, joining CIC in 2006. She is involved in all aspects of the business, but particularly enjoys finding holistic solutions for clients that help them reach their financial goals. What makes being part of CIC special for her is the relationships that develop over the years, relationships that blur the distinction between client & friend. Outside of work, you might find Holly in her garden, in her kayak, or maybe part way up Mount Abe, trying to figure out whether she is listening to a magnolia warbler or a chestnut-sided warbler.

Logan Price

Associate, Financial Advisor
Mr. Price's resume

​Logan grew up in Denver, Colorado and attended college at the University of Oregon…go Ducks. He moved to Middlebury in 2014 in large part to be closer to family, but a significant reason he feels at home in Middlebury is because of his involvement with Rotary and other service organizations. His interest in financial services stems from his belief in the importance of financial health. After a few years at another financial firm he jumped at the chance to join CIC in 2016 because of a shared passion for the well-being of the people in the community. He enjoys all things sports related and loves spending time with his family.

Wendy Covey

Associate, Office Manager
Mrs. Covey's Resume

​Wendy grew up in Connecticut and graduated from Boston College with a degree in nursing.  She practiced nursing in Vermont, most recently at Porter Internal Medicine in Middlebury from 2004 until 2016.  Wendy is delighted to be support staff in a business that guides people in their financial health.  She has worked with her husband, Al Covey, in various medical practices, and is happy to be working with him again.   She lives in Middlebury with Al, and enjoys visits from their adult children.   Outside the office, you may see Wendy outdoors walking, biking, xc-skiing, or possibly swing dancing with Al.

About Us

Jacob Haigh

Co-owner, Financial Advisor
Mr. Haigh's resume

Jacob R. Haigh, the youngest member of CIC, brings a strong investment background to the business. He has a business administration degree from Elmira College, began his career at Edward Jones Investments, then joined CIC in 2008 to pursue a greater client and community focus. Jake prides himself in listening to and truly understanding a client’s personality & objectives. You will often see him at community events. He also enjoys gardening & local athletics.

Jim Graham

Associate, Financial Advisor
Mr. Graham's resume

James G. Graham has worked with Rollie in investment advising for about 25 years, working part-time from his home in Weathersfield, Vermont. He has lived in Weathersfield for most of his life, attending Springfield High, and then working at Bryant Grinder. Jim received an associate degree in business and financial services in 2005 after Bryant Grinder closed in 2001.

Community Investment Counselors (CIC) is an independent financial advisory firm offering a full range of investment, retirement planning and portfolio management services. Based in Middlebury, Vermont, CIC was founded nearly 20 years ago by Rollie White and is 100% employee-owned. While the majority of our clients continue to be local, we now have clients in many states across the country and over $60,000,000 of assets under management.

We are not controlled by any organization in the brokerage or insurance business; this independence enables us to render truly client-focused advice with no conflicts of interest.

Our business has grown almost exclusively on referrals from satisfied clients over the years.

Rollie White

President, Founder & Majority Owner
Mr. White's resume

Rollie G. White is the President and founder of Community Investment Counselors. He was born and raised in Richford Vermont. After graduation from the University of Vermont with a bachelor's degree in mathematics he accepted a position teaching math at Middlebury Vermont's high school, where in addition to teaching, he coached basketball and softball. Rollie retired from teaching in 1987 to begin a second career in financial services. In 1995, he founded Community Investment Counselors and also established the investment advisory relationship between Community Investment Counselors and Capital Cities Investments.

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