Therefore, it is of primary importance to evaluate a portfolio’s performance in terms of progress being made toward realization of a financial plan that allows the client to pursue the things that they find meaningful in life. Each client should have a customized plan that encompasses their unique objectives, situations and tolerance for risk etc..

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"Risk control is the best route to loss avoidance. Risk avoidance, on the other hand, is likely to lead to return avoidance as well."
-- Howard Marks


We believe that asset-based fees are the fairest and most objective compensation model for the financial planning relationship. This arrangement gives the advisor an extra incentive to grow account values for clients and, more importantly, avoids the "conflicts of interest" that exist when compensation is based on the amount of transactions or the specific investments recommended by the advisor. The pay-as-you-go asset-based model also gives clients the ability to terminate their plan if unsatisfied, without the "sunk cost" of up-front commissions or surrender penalties associated with many insurance products. Client questions and interactions are unlimited, which encourages ongoing communication without the clients feeling as though they are "on the clock".


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Our Philosophy

​​We believe that each client should receive the same high level of service, whether you are just starting out or are already a high-wealth individual. We believe in having a vested interest in the success and growth of client wealth over time. We believe that good performance is about making the money you need to achieve your goals with the least risk of failure; it’s not about making as much money as possible.

Our name is Community Investment Counselors for a reason; we want to be your financial educator. With roots in education and a passion for teaching, we believe that a client with a basic understanding of smart personal finance will have a far greater confidence in their plan and the fortitude to stick with it successfully over time. We are there to help you negotiate the financial world and can help you understand everything from Roth IRAs and mortgages to stocks, bonds and inflation.

Our Planning Approach

We believe that a holistic, comprehensive, individualized approach to financial planning is the best strategy for optimal portfolio design and management.